A "Bunny" at Heart

Hi. I am Steven Molnar and I am very proud to own and operate Sound Ingenuity. The inspiration for Sound Ingenuity stems from a passion for doing something we genuinely love – building and delivering custom audio/video devices and experiences, dealing in developing electronics and pure audio and "Audiophile" quality sound. While being a family business, Sound Ingenuity is infused with all of the core-values I was raised to uphold, and still believe in, and is one of the last things I was able to share with my mother.

When we began Sound Ingenuity, my mother, like many Americans at the time, was laid off from her job. The economy was very hard and many advised it would be a bad time to start a business. Nevertheless, my mother and I grew increasingly excited about the prospect of a family owned business based on our own values. The last day of her life was spent planning the administration of the business. She was going to be our office manager and I remember how excited she was about helping me do this. That same night she unexpectedly passed away. Her nickname was "Bunny."

This is why there will always be a "bunny" at the heart of Sound Ingenuity, and why everything is done in loving memory of my mother and friend, Dragica "Bunny" Molnar.

At Sound Ingenuity, our motivation and passion is unparalleled. With our many years of experience and ingenuity, we are determined to deliver the highest quality service. No matter the size of the job, we treat every customer like family – we build relationships that last a lifetime.

I sincerely look forward to making your home or business vision a reality, and welcome you to be a part of our ever growing family.

Please contact us anytime!

Steve Molnar
Owner-Sound Ingenuity

Dragica "Bunny" Molnar